New York

Flushing Pool and Ice Rink

Flushing Pool and Ice Rink
Queens, NY

NYC Department of Parks & Recreation
NYC Economic Development Corporation
Design Citation | AIA New York State
Design Award | Society of American Registered Architects New York
Professional Design Award | Society of American Registered Architects National
Building of America Award | Real Estate and Construction Review
David Sundberg. Esto

The new Natatorium & Ice Rink is situated on the edge of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park and next to the Van Wyck Expressway, where it mediates between the urban neighborhood and open green space. It is recognized as the largest recreation facility ever built in a New York City Park and the first indoor public pool to be built in four decades.

The building includes an Olympic-sized indoor swimming pool with seating for 400, a NHL regulation-size ice rink with seating for 440, locker rooms, and a lobby. The swimming pool is ADA accessible; one-third of the pool floor moves vertically and also includes two moveable bulkheads to configure the swimming area for different competitions. The pool and rink are oriented end-to-end, juxtaposing liquid and frozen water, humid and dry environments, bare skin and bundled bodies.

In the dynamic spirit of the 1939 and 1964 World's Fair pavilions that occupied the site, the canopy-like roof is suspended over the natatorium and rink, punctuated with soaring masts supporting a cable stay structure. The entire envelope is composed of high performance precast concrete panels and a curtain wall opening out from the pool to dramatic park views.

In the six months since its opening, over 42,000 New Yorkers have joined the pool, making it one of the most successful projects ever endeavored by the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation.

This project was completed in association with Hom & Goldman Architects.