Changchun Master Plan

Changchun Master Plan
Changchun, China


In a city exploding with development, the Changchun master plan creates a vision for urban renewal on a riverfront site. The concept organizes the site in two urban clusters connected by a central pedestrian shopping spine.

At the north end facing Downtown Changchun is the “town center”, a multi-use urban plaza that visually engages the hotel and an important local church using the Canal Pond as the focal point. The plaza is directly connected to the light rail by an elevated pedestrian walkway, and is surrounded by iconic architecture intended to be the symbolic center of the Clear Moon District. The southern plaza, situated closer to existing residential development, contains more neighborhood-oriented activities, and is anchored by the shopping mall and supermarket.

Connecting the two plazas is a pedestrian spine of storefront shops, dispersed to create a series of shopping “episodes” between the two large plazas. Smaller pedestrian alleys link the storefronts to the canal esplanade. Surface parking is concentrated on the east and west periphery.